Can someone compare and rate these strings?


Im looking for a string that can do it all, from cast combos to slacks and whips.

I already have Type X and I love it. I have ordered fat kitty string two times. One time I loved them and the other time they were really gritty and not smooth at all.

Im considering trying regular kitty string next?

Can someone compare the 3 and do you think it was just a random bad batch or should I avoid the brand?


So I am sorry but I am not going to give you exactly what you are asking for but am going to help best I can. I think, from what I have noticed Kitty String quality control is not as high as String labs and since you already like type x … you need to try ammo. It is a little bit thicker than type x so it is better for whips/slacks from what I can tell and understand. I think you from what you described you need to get YYSL AMMO!!!


I think you got bad batch of Kitty string.

My YYE 100% poly white, I can’t stand. It just doesn’t last long, wears way too fast and won’t hold tension very well. I think I just got a bad batch because I’ve gotten a few others to try(at least that’s what they told me they were) and they played better. Stuff happens.

I’m going to agree the suggestion to try Ammo.

I’m also going to suggest trying Trixtra string by Twisted Strings. I like this and Type X by YYSL.


Standard type 6 yye poly can do it all… It’s decent at everything, well rounded, but it’s real cheap cuz it lasts like an hour or two per string :stuck_out_tongue: but if you want a truly premium string, try toxic. Great at whips, good for slacks, decent at holding tension, and the most durable strings ever.


As a general rule, the strings in the 8 dollar range will perform better than the strings in the 4 dollar range. So I would stick with the ammo.


Toxic dragons last A LONG TIME…

I just don’t like it as much as ammo as it

  1. Feels plasticy
    2.whips to fast for my taste
  2. White isnt as vibrant as yellow