can someond give me tips for OS?

currently im using a big yo and i cant get it to sleep long because the string is always touching the side(tried cleaning it alreaDy)…any tips???can you beefcake a bigyo and what happens if you silicone it??? P.S-do you guys know any more os tricks besides youtube, ane yye???Thanks

You can do this with it when you have it on the string. Also just try to keep it as centered as possible.

That will decrease its spin times.

Put a little thick lube to make it a little tighter binds.

You really want to flick your wrist, use your whole arm and body to flick it off, make sure to follow all the way through with your throwhand, the main thing is use your whole arm and just practicing the flick. If my camera works I want to make a 4A helping video…

But then it will be straight and will lengthen its spin time from what it would have been.

I had that problem, just practice good throws: