can it be possible?

i have a yoyo, (its like a fireball bootleg, i know that it is from china).

(its like a fireball exactly)

when i throw it (sleeper) it sleeps…(it is not ball bearing, its a plastic, i think it’s a transaxle system, am i right?)

my question is…

  • if i make 3 wraps in the plastic transaxle, so it it will loop now?
  • or if i loop it it will sleeps in the mid air?


is it called the windbreaker?if so i know how to help you…my friend has it and he modded it into a good looping yoyo. but you shouldnt be buying aoda or auldey yoyos its not illegal or anything but many company like yyj and yyf etc. has paid alot of money on prototyping testing yoyos and aoda and auldey just copied it and make it look like their own.SUppOrt the real companies lol :wink:

Sorry for going off topic, but windbreaker seriously sounds like “break wind” which sounds like fart… Sorry for going off topic ;D

LOL LOL LOL so funny …