Can I reuse tricks in competition?


With NER coming up, I am trying to make my freestyle for sports 1a. Would I be able to use a trick that I used at MA states in my new freestyle? I Believe I can, but I just wanted to make sure just in case I would get points deducted. Thamks!


As far as I know, it’s all about the performance on the day of the competition, no previous competitions come into play in your score.

That said, I’m pretty new to the competitive scene, so I could be wrong.


If you want you can use the exact same freestyle if you want. Freestyles from previous contests do not affect your score.



You can use tricks from previous contests, but if you reuse tricks from earlier in the routine, you will get fewer points or none at all for the trick; but the risk is possibly losing points (for messing up) and time.