Pre lim/ Finals


Im preparing for a contest and I’m wondering if I can just use my prelim routine for finals but add an additional minute. Would I be hit with deductions for repeating tricks that were used in my previous routine? Anyone with experience or knowledge about this? This is potentially in the wrong section so I apologize in advance. The contest is the Triple Crown of Yoyo if it makes any difference.


No you can repeat material from your prelim in your finals routine


Triple Crown might be the first contest I compete at :smiley:


You can use your first part of Finals for Prelims (or your last part, I guess). It doesn’t really matter what you use as long as it qualifies under the specified style.


You could definitely do that. There’s nothing against it. I’d personally not do it though, just to keep people interested. I mean, the same tricks are okay. Same order and everything though, I think could be a little boring to audience members. If I were you, I’d just mix the prelim tricks throughout the finals routine. But that could be just me.