can i have some help ere

So my town’s having a talent show here next year i was wondering what would be good to do. Trick, music, and clothing wise. Should i wear a yoyo shirt, what kind of music, and what tricks should i do?

Well ive always noticed that crowds are not going to be able to keep up with your latest tech stuff. Just keep it simple and flashy. Boingy boingy and eli hops always get the most ooooohhhhhs. As for music, idk. Something up beat and clean. No I repeat NO TECHNO. Not only is that a stereotype, but that genre of music is lame :slight_smile:

About the tricks: do some flashier ones that a crowd of people who don’t yoyo would like. Tricks like Boing e Boing and eli hops are good.

About everything else: Just pick music that would go with your yoyoing. Be creative. If you can wear something that would go with it, do that.

I would go with Art of the Dress and a pony shirt, though… or At the Gala.

Lol dean… Anyways… Throw in a tech or 2, but mainly flash. Also, make sure the string contrasts alot. “mlp cutie mark crusaders” song is da bomb

If you know gyroscopic flop or any way to get into a green triangle those are always crowd pleasers… also any lacerations are pleasing.