Can anyone identify my 888

So if i have one with a 2010 production date then it would have been a 2011 release? I could have sworn it was stamped 2010. That said I may also be going crazy ill have to snap a pic when I get to my desk tomorrow and verify one or the other on the production date

I’m away for the week and don’t have access to my 888s. Where is it stamped with a date? I don’t recall dates on mine but not certain.

Edit- there is a 2010, it’s the 888x. Made in China, that explains the date. The Chinese models have manufacturing info on them.


I used to play my 888 with the hubstacks pulled off. Quiet and light. :grin:


Ahhh what a shame :confused:

I’ve always had a couple 888’s around, usually one with stacks and the other without. Really can’t beat a 07 888 without stacks on it.

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Dang I really need to dig up my 888 :sob:

No. The tiny yyf does not mean it was made in china.

I love my 07 with stacks. They’re loud when you first throw it, but mine quiet down dramatically after maybe 3 seconds of a sleeper.

Here is my other 888 in question

Almost certainly that’s an 888x based off the date.

Appears so, id have to throw it on a scale for weight difference, i am horrible at judging weight

It’s an 888x.

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888x was 2010 and was made up until about 2014.

i still want to do a Ti 888.


Please. This is what dreams are made of…


This would be so dope. Make it like the 07 :slight_smile:


Dont tease like that!

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I think what made the 07 different was the material. iirc, they moved to the 7071 aluminum starting in 08. I remember the yoyo just felt harder in the hand. I could do a blindfolded throw and tell an 07 from an 08 with 100% certainty. While a ti 888 does give me a big ol chubby, It would most definitely have that same harder in the hand feeling. At least thats how id expect it.

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I’ve tried 07 - 888x (took a hiatus during the rest) my 07 is my favorite by far. Something about it. I can’t really tell you why either. Just feels great, and looks great (got a blue and purple higby)