Can anybody help me identify a trick / bind please?

I was watching a review on YT of the phidias by pdx-yo posted by Nate Martsolf. He does some kind of cool little flip / bind that I haven’t learned / seen before for some reason (definitely not the most advanced thrower here). I was curious if anybody here knows what it’s called that he’s doing? Thanks in advance!

Specifically @ the 7:14 mark in the video

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it is a super simple bind, i dont have the linnk but brandon vu has a tut up, its pretty much a front style throw, to a frontmount, braintwister and bind

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It’s a pretty standard frontstyle bind. Hold the yoyo in a trapeze thrown front style. Make the yoyo roll all the way around between both hands, but bring your hands apart a little so you can’t touch more strings. As soon as it’s going down, release the trapeze and the yoyo will bind cleanly


Well, that got MY attention! I like it!!!
Found it. Last one! Edit: just a flip over bind. Looks cool because the flip makes it seem fancier. I watched the video a bunch of times and then picked up a yoyo and tried and then realized I learned it last year. It was weird watching him do it because it looked very cool and more complicated in the first video.


Thank you all so much for the help! All of your posts have been very helpful for me :smiley:

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Sorry, I was wrong. That was not a flipover bind as I have seen taught in other videos. I’ve been watching it at .25 speed. It’s definitely cool and I must learn it NOW!

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