Can Anybody Do An "Instant Double Or Nothing"?

I’m trying to learn this instant double or nothing, but I feel like I’ll NEVER be able to do it. I REALLY want to learn how to do it. I’ve been a little close like thrice, but not very well either. Even hurt my back a lil’ bit from trying to get this, and still hurts. Please help me. If you know how to do it, how long did it take you to learn?

That’s beast, I’m going to try it once Fall quarter is over.

I can do this and also the wrist mount variation, but I prefer a true laceration in most cases except for maybe at the very beginning of a freestyle.

Since I was more used to controlling the string with my wrists than with fingers, I learned the wrist mount before this, but they are pretty similar. Just make sure you swing the yoyo high enough that it can bounce back and still be at your hand level. Do a backward pressing/sitting motion with your TH to form the slack.

It’s a hard trick. It took me a LONG time to get it. Once you get it the first time, then you get better FAST. But it takes landing the first few with confidence before you can skyrocket doing it well.

Instead of doing it with the order and timing that Miggy demonstrated, I learned “this hand needs to go here first, and in this direction. Then this hand needs to go here in this direction”. Once your forefingers are in place, untwisting to the correct direction is just intuitive, so you don’t have to “learn” it. The part to practice and learn is getting the hands in the right orientation and order as quickly as you can. :wink:

First trick in my Old Folks video!

0:37 I lold when you did a reverse (front throw) laceration slap bind. That took me way longer than its side throw equivalent.

Thanks alot, that was a really cool video! I think the one I gave a link to was more of a kind of whip/one motion, i think yours was a step-by-step kind of thing? Not sure how to explain it. Nothing wrong with that at all, but I think I kind of want to learn the one I showed. They both get to the same place, but in different ways. Also, is there a name for that bind at 0:19? That’s one of the coolest binds i’ve ever seen! I’ll most likely learn both at some point or another. Where’d you learn the double or nothing you did in your video at?

after I watched the tutorial I got it in about 6 trys

Sorry, I was lazy lazy lazy… when I saw “Instant Double or Nothing” I assumed it was the Miguel Correa version, which was the only tutorial I’ve seen for a trick with that name.

Yes, slightly different.

No problem.Yeah, I was also looking at Miguel Correa’s Instant Double Or Nothing, and I’m going to eventually learn that one as well. Thanks anyways

Man, I wish I could do that in 6 trys…

jensen kimmitt does this in a few of his cabin tutorials. its shown in slow motion a few times and really helped me with this.