Cameron's BST: FS/T: NMIB Jason Lee Supernova

NM  JL Supernova, one nick on the side and small pin prick. Still plays as new. $115 $110 shipped

2010 SEVERE, pink, a few marks around the rim, DEAD SMOOTH, my favorite SEVERE that I have played $80 shipped



Addiction v1 and v2
54 (Lego effects could push a deal easily)

hey i have a digned dark magic blue and 30 $ for tht severe if u want more i can most likely do it cause i have a bunch of money can u pm me some pics

what do you want for the black x convict

What do you have to offer

for ur yoyo holder what did you put through the hole to tighten it?

Yoyo string. I wanted to use Paracord but I don’t have any and braiding 3 yoyostrings wont break and it’s just easier for me to do.

dm kinda beat for equinox

Not really interested in a dm


Do you still have the General Yo Essense? Is it for Trade?
Ill give you a Mint Pink Acid Wash SuperStar for it? I can throw in some Cash too if you want. :wink:

Nope I sold it and now I am picking up another.


110 on the spot for ilyy/gen torino

$130 priced to go.

yea, i’ll take it.

1st run skyline 4 severe?:wink: