Lots of goods. WANT SKYWALKER this bad:

Okay folks, a while ago I went through some shaky decision making that wound up being very…expensive. Wanna get my favorite yoyo back and downsize my collection. What better way to do BOTH?

Long deal short: You either order me a skywalker (run two coming this JUNE) or trade me an A-Grade one that is COMPLETELY vibe less and without any bad injuries (cosmetics don’t bother me if it isn’t severe) and choose from 3 yoyos bellow. If I dig the Skywalker, then 3 it shall be.
(I’m serious and I wouldn’t be low-balling me for 4 yoyos unless it’s 1 of 1 or you have a brain tumor). BB’D SUPERSTAR IS exempt from this unless I REALLY dig the offer. Smiley

Well I’ve pretty much downsized my collection to:

STAR Pistolero. Plays awesome with no vibe. No engraving on rims. Black with BB.

BeadBlasted Superstar. Almost dead smooth. Small marks all around rims that you can’t feel. This thing plays like a champ Sad Aqua with clear stacks. Godly finish.

OG Bully. Half Blue/Black Splash half silver. No visible marks. Smooth and plays like a champ. A Heavy champ.

Josy Ann. Minty. Dead smooth. Original sILYYcone job. Velvet pouch.

Lio. Small white marks that CB’d yoyos are prone to. DEAD smooth with original sILYYcone job.

ILYY SB Rocket. Too effing sick. Mint minus a smaller than one millimeter scratch. Cannot be capture unless by microscopic imaging…or running your fingernail over it.

Cherry Blossom 54. Knicks and scuffs all around. Still DEAD smooth with a center-trac bearing. Both sets of side effects. Plays great. The damage makes you wanna actually PLAY this 1 of 20 yoyo, but doesn’t affect grinds.

Luchador. One knick. Plays smooth with Crucial Centering bearing. Landon supposedly performed the silicone groove mod on this one, and it works amazingly! This plays like the Luchador2 if something like that existed…


Skywalker Would easily do all three and more for one.
Maybe some Homebrew stuff?
a nice 2010 G5
I really need a Peak too. Light throws are good for my wrists.

Offer up, yall. Scratches or not. As long as there is no vibe.

pictures please


Just really wanna get rid of this Addiction now XD

I think it’s a great price for it being MINT with a KK.

ill buy the addiction


If the sale is still going on I’m thinking about the heavy cream