Top Row (L to R):

SPYY Beta Pistolero: Awesome looking yoyo. Enough said. $90 Shipped
YYR Dreadnaught: Black Beadblast. Very smooth and very fun to play with. Takes what you throw at it. $135 Shipped

Second Row:
YYF White Gold Rimmed Skyline: Classiest yoyo I own. Plays just awesome.
SPYY Pure: Red Beadblasted Finish. Very Smooth. Don’t see these red ones around too much.

Looking for some cash for a new phone.
No trades for now.
Make cash offers please.

YYF Superstar: Dead smooth and plays like a dream.


Prices Negotiable


ship to canada for a few extra $$ ?


can i get that gm2 for 65$?


how much for shipping to the uk


whats the lowest youll go for punchline??


will you take a gold DNA siliconed?




Superstar is at you yet???


Peak for MVP?


Man, I want that Superstar sooooo bad!!!


Cheap too


Indeed, I know. I can almost afford it.


Sorry Superstar is GONE!!



Still got the pistolero? Want to buy it if so :slight_smile:

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