Mirror Polished Supernova! Crucial DELRIN!!! I want a Shu-Ta!

(Owen) #1

NO INTERNATIONAL. Sorry non-USA peeps, I just cant do it. The shipping is just too dang expensive that way.

Format: C slight lines mint. Want to sell but I’ll trade it. $95 shipped.
Zebra yoyo is a MadHouse Rad. Take it away from me. Some damage, $50 shipped.
Crucial Milk 2%. One scuff. Smoof. I’d prefer to trade this but I’ll sell it for the right offer.
Supernova. 2012 I think. Polished and there is some damage. I want to trade it for a Shu-Ta.

(Owen) #2


Alpha Crash is pending!!!

(Owen) #3


This new years only take the Alpha crash free with the halo!

(Owen) #4

Updated prices!

(kclejeune) #7

Man the JO brings back memories. I miss BBYY…

(Owen) #8

(Owen) #11


(Owen) #12

mmmmm hot yoyos

(Owen) #13

It’s such a sexy deal

(Owen) #14

If you don’t buy my yoyos you’re basically saying you hate puppies and love all things evil

(Owen) #15


I want the alpha crash

(Owen) #17

pm me

(Owen) #19

whozawhatsit new deals!

(Owen) #21

in case youre on edge about buying my yoyos, know that babies love my yoyos. so in buying my yoyos, you love babies. pretty simple logic.

(Owen) #22

id sure LOVE it if you bought my yoyos.

get it

(Owen) #23

come on guys, its a prepro 1st run 1 of 10 majesty. got on this

(kclejeune) #24

Free bump, I would If I had any money :frowning:

(Owen) #25

remember, price for the majesty is negotiable.

(Owen) #26