Calling all Mac Lovers & People in Debate

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Working on a Literature project, and it’s a little different from the norm. It’s more like a debate type thing- a formal speech to be exact; and I’m going up against this kid in who is actually in debate (I’m not, but I love arguing haha) and we chose the topic Mac vs. PC. He’s a kid who loves PC’s, I of course, love Macs, the obviously superior computer.
I was wondering if one of you guys have ever come across a source that contains FACTS why the software of OSX is superior to that of PC’s. This is a portion of my argument that needs work. I’m on my first draft as of right now, and if any of you mac lovers or people in forensics actually care to offer criticism and advice for my speech or beef it up a little, I’d be happy to send it to you to do so, or post it here if there are enough requests.


Hint - OSX is based on Unix.

Windows originally was based (40 some years ago) on original proprietary work by Xerox that mr. Gates thought looked nice.


Maybe use the recent apple court/patent disagreements that have gone on. Apple is trying to patent everything! Their page flip on the ipad, their ipad shape, basically everything. Also, bring up that PC stands for personal computer…everyone owns a personal computer. Haha :wink: good luck on the debate, stand strong to your belief!

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Can’t find much on the Unix stuff, unfortunately, and describing it to a class of 15 year olds is difficult. haha

The search forges on though…


Try this…

Unix is a very powerful OS.

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I’m seeing lots of “Unix is reliable, unix is resillient.” But nothing in comparison to that of Windows: how it stacks up or WHY Unix is better than what Windows runs on.


Because OSX is a unified experience designed from the ground up to allow software and hardware, created in tandem, to interact seamlessly. Same reason iPhones tend to be much more stable and fluid than Android phones. When OEMs come between a company’s hardware and software, as we see with bloatware on most new PCs and Android phones, the experience is bound to suffer. Is this worth the price premium? Some say yes, some say no. After all in most cases a clean version of Windows can be installed, or a phone rooted and ROM’d. Software designed to run on a handful of devices will pretty much always be better than software that needs to run on hundreds imo.


Good luck finding “facts” in this regard. jbh has the right idea… if you’re going to make strong points at all, it will be surrounding its basis in Unix. But since OSX is a layer on top of Unix, it’s a slightly weak argument. The Unix underpinnings still glue it together, but when you add layers of abstraction on top of it and proprietary technologies as well, you are adding one step removed from the original reliability.

Ask anyone whose Time Machine backup failed and who didn’t have additional backups (believing in the ironclad reputation of OSX) how reliable and resilient it is… Time Machine of course being one of the “layer on top of Unix” pieces of the puzzle. Not so much.

But I digress… jbh is pointing you in the right direction with the Unix base for OSX.


Actually the Android software is based on linux, which in turn is a unix variant.