Calling all gamers

What is your favorite game and why (bonus for yoyo) and how long have you been playing it


Smash bros series, since N64 days.


i don’t have a favorite game, i’m a genre player, so my favorite genre are racing games and rhythm games, but of course if i were to play only one game for the rest of my life it’s gonna be TETRIS, doesn’t matter if it’s on an ibm computer or the newest installment it’s gonna be banging

Smash, since 64.

OG Halo.

When destiny first dropped, that was my everything :rofl: for a year solid

Botw (6 years) Totk (since it came out in November 2023) hollow knight (4 years) subnautica (1 month I just started)

World of Warcraft. Been playing for 20 years, with the last 5 or so being very serious into Mythic Plus and Mythic Raid. I stream mostly so I have recorded gameplay to watch back with the squad.

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Counter strike 2. Have 4000 hrs in the game. Played back when it was 1.4

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Gotta go with Chrono Trigger. I revisit it quite often.

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Mario Kart, playing since the OG. So many good memories with family and friends with this one as its more approachable and fun for all. Smash close 2nd. As far as solo game time at home it’s been WOW.

currently playing through nioh 2 and loving it im gonna play the first one eventually

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Donkey kong country 2 is one of the best snes games ever made. I have some really good memories playin with my brothers. The soundtrack was amazing.

Does MTG count?

I used to love video games growing up in the late 90s and in college I’m the early 2000s but I can’t get into them like I used to. Something is missing. I try but it just doesn’t scratch the itch it used to.

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Hollow Knight is awesome :sunglasses:

I’ve been on a Hades kick lately

Any of you want to play smash sometime?

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I love mtg I play an aura commander deck mostly

Very hard to choose just one when there are so many that have helped me through tough times, boredom, made me happy, or just genuinely changed me as an individual.

Best Games I have ever played:

#1 Super Metroid (and the franchise) - The first ever game I became addicted to and watched play throughs for whilst still loving the genre today. Best Metroidvania out there and holds a very deep spot in my heart due to nostalgia. 10/10 recommend.

#2 Super Smash Bros - Best party game to play when I was growing up. My boys and I binged Ultimate the night it released. The most fun you can have with a group of people and best platform fighting game ever released. 9/10

#3 Terraria - I don’t think I need to elaborate when I say, CONTENT & PROGRESSION. I only got into Terraria 3 years ago and I honestly can’t say enough good things about this game. It’s challenging, fun with friends, creative, and better than minecraft IMO. 11/10

#4 LOZ Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask - These two games hold a place in my heart because of the impact and difficulty i had playing them as a kid. they have a great story, better hidden lore/creepypasta’s and overall are just incredibly fun. 9/10

#5 Pokemon Gen 1-4 - There is no better grinding game than these. the satisfaction of leveling up your pokemon to be OP, Pixel art, incredible world atmosphere and pure nostalgia. I still pick up or emulate emerald yearly because it’s just such an incredible game. (I haven’t really played passed gen 4 so I can’t speak on those) 9/10

#6 Cod MW3(OG) MW2(OG) Black-ops 1,2,3 - These were pure fun in the simplest form. Shoot, kill. Zombies has also become a staple of my life because its something I can always do if I’m bored and my friends and I need something to do. These games carried my middle school years and were the binge worthy games with my boys staying up til 3 am drinking caffeine and snacking. 8/10

#7 Skyrim - Do I really have to go in-depth? This is probably one of the greatest games to ever grace the industry. 10/10

#8 Elden Ring - My first souls-like, and one of my personal favorite games ever. I’ve never seen scenery more beautiful, mixed with the fact that the game is difficult. fun grinding, cool weapons & spells, and overall, just replay ability when I know I haven’t found everything yet. Can’t recommend this enough, there’s a reason it was game of the year. 10/10

#9 Enter the Gungeon - Introduced into the bullet hell genre, genuinely such a fun game. More mystery and story than I thought could ever be expressed in the genre. Very good story, lore, and characters. 9/10 only because theres needs to be more games like it.

I’ve definitely played more games that I can’t think of at the moment but these have definitely had their impact. I also hope maybe some of you will see this and decide to give the ones you haven’t tried a spin!

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I was the same way…until I played counter-strike for the first time. I was hooked instantly.

I’d be down!