calling all advanced to expert yoers

my name is Bradley Raye, me and my friend are looking for people to create a new yoyo team, we’re pretty good yoers but we need the assistance of other poeple to get better, we live in Kearney Missouri so there really isn’t anyone close to us but any assistance is appreciated

YAY! Another team!


No. lol

I live in union MO, ive already learned all the tricks on this site, and about 95% of the ones off of rethinkyoyo, and all of grawd, so I wouldn’t be considered advanced to expert, but if u guys would still like me on the team I might be willing to join

I’m the other friend and yeah you would be considered good cause that’s better than both of us.

Oh, dudes, here.

No meetings for the next bit.  But these guys get together.  Every.  Single.  Week.  Blake rocks, and so does everyone else.

I don’t know how much of a “team” you want to be, but this “group” is something that I am proud to be associated with.  I live in Topeka, so getting up there often is tough (especially when gasoline is $8.53 a gallon in Switzerland).  I hope to see you guys up there, or at least hear that you dropped by.


That. Is. Crazy. Nah, just kidding. I’m in Korea at the moment, gasoline is about 6.50 per gallon. ;D When you think about it, America’s kinda lucky.

see neither of us drive and it is like a good half hour to 45 min drive for us if we could get a ride from our parents

The problem is me and mason are really the only yoers in kearney

When I get my lisence we’ll figure out a good location to meet at, post any good ideas for a meeting place