Call me Crazy...

…But is this a CLYW plastic? It sure looks plastic, and it says that the yoyo is something by CLYW (no actual name given).

But what do I know? I’ve never even played a CLYW.

Looks like a Painted Peak.

Holy crap… that’s an OG Levi Painted Peak, actually. Let’s do some digging here.

There are 3 OG Peaks that have mountains painted pink, instead of blue. As you can see, one was made for pekka so this make sense that he would be using one.

Pink mountain theme painted numbered “50”
Pink mountain theme painted numbered “David” – much like OG #50, made specifically for David W.
Pink mountain theme painted numbered “pekka” – much like OG #50, made specifically for pekka.

“The Complete History of the CLYW Peak”,89984.msg967486.html

Ah, that seems about right. It’s weird that they didn’t even put the name though, they just put, “Yoyo used is the by CLYW.”

There are some rumors circulating about a CLYW plastic or something though, no clue if it’s true… hoping it’s not ha.

i really want one

I don’t want a CLYW plastic, but I’d definitely be interested in a delrin.

Still plastic, allthough a much higer quality plastic for yoyos.

It is plastic, but its capable of being an amazing throw with CLYW precision and just their overall attention to details.

I’m pretty sure that’s a Levi Peak. You can only see the pink on the inside, just like the pink painted Peaks.

If I had one of those I certainly wouldn’t be throwing it…

I would. That’s what yoyos are for right?

Would you drive a brand new Bugatti veyron super sport if you had one? No. You would probably be scared.

Thats Pekkas Peak.

If you dumped me into one of those right now, I would be terrified. But I presume if I bought one that I have some facility for driving it, and yes… I would drive it. Even if only on a closed track.

hey! I just saw that yoyo
and I thought maybe
it could be plastic
so call me crazy.


I want one made out of hamburgers

Here ya go,

ahahahahaa XD i want itttt!!

My point was that something that rare and that beautiful is a collectors item. You don’t want to use it at the risk of scratching it. Haha