Cake’s String Reviews (AKA: String Saturdays!)

Maybe try tricks from this strings era? May get a different score? Vintage equipment…

It is cool though that you tried it for modern 1A

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i would, but i think it’s significantly funnier if I push it to modern 1a standards. someone more experienced in the classic 0a field can give it a proper review :smiling_face:


I was reading your Slackie review thinking, “Yeah, that’s why I stopped using them.” Before I started using Zipline, they were my favorite string, but now they just feel yuck.


random review time just so I get this out of the way, worst review yet. So bad. This is so bad I just couldn’t do the full hour so I replaced the time-based measurements with “N/A”. I did what I could. Maybe I’ll put it in a pay it forward for some poor soul to try.

Snakebite Super Fat || F- (19/100)

Someone braver than me can review this better, but this is so thick and disgusting i’m surprised this is still being sold. please never get this. I’d much rather buy random stock string than whatever this is because at least the stock string is usable. Disgusting. Only use this on like a 6mm gap or maybe to tie down something with. There’s some level of redemption in the softness and slack feel, but it’s all hindered by just how thick this is. I don’t even know if this is the super fat kind, but it’s what i can find. Please never use this. Just get cheaper and better string. “Stats” below.

Durability 30 min (n/a)
Durability 1 hr (n/a)
Personal Thickness Feel (0) literal, non-metaphorical rope
Whip Feel Break-In (2) thickness moment
Whip Feel 1 hr (n/a)
Slack Feel Break-In (3.5) not bad?
Slack Feel 1 hr (n/a)
Tension Hold over 1 hour overall (n/a)
Softness during break-in (4) bit too soft
Overall consistency over 1 hour (n/a)
Total: 9.5 x 2 = 18, 18 = F- graded based on letter system (A: 100-90, B: 89-80, C: 79-70, D: 69-60, F: 60<)

in better news, i just got a HUGE donation of string, and I just want to say thank you so so so much. I’m so happy this stupid project of mine makes so many of you happy to the point where you’d spend money for the continuation of it. I’m very happy to provide this service to you guys, and seeing it genuinely help and inform others gives me an amazing feeling. Thank you to the donators, commenters, likers, and lurkers. So much :333
ok that’s it, happy monday


I’m guessing when they say “get bit!” they’re referring to the yoyo biting your hand when it inevitably snags the response


100%, they are also referring to the bite it has on my lifespan every time i throw it


i love string mondays


Oof. The other type is cursed too. Just don’t use it. As I mentioned it is literally thin KaPOW but also worse in every way.

Omfg I hate Snakebite string so much, dude. I had a bunch of them in various styles, included as freebies when ordering from another yoyo retailer. Tried them all, hated them all, tossed them all.


it’s what they deserve, mine was sacrificed to my string ball immedietly


I wouldn’t even ball them up for a stray cat to play with.

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saturday! review! yeah!

Monkeyfinger Vines Phat || B- (80/100)
Monkeyfinger Vines String

I got the extra long if that matters, but i doubt it. It was super stretchy when I cut it, which was interesting. Anyways, i feel like it’s almost too good to the point it’s kinda boring. it does everything well, but not amazing. i might use this string as a basis for every other string, this honestly just seems like an average workable (not great) poly string. it also helps my point that this is a straight 80, which wasn’t on purpose but it’s a pleasant surprise. no personality in my opinion, but it’s great for hitting tricks. reminded me of a worse plutonium though. same plutonium issue of the tension winding in midair even with neutral tension. even if the tension wasn’t neutral, it would still twist. combined with the thickness, it makes a gross soup that messes up my play. all of that was making things a bit harder than i expected but it wasn’t anything to ■■■■ my britches about. personally, i’d just buy plutonium unless I didn’t want to spend the extra money, but for the quality jump I probably would. Stats below!

Durability 30 min (4) looks great, bit of stretch gone
Durability 1 hr (4) same rate
Personal Thickness Feel (4) no major complaints, would like it a bit thinner and it did snag a bit
Whip Feel Break-In (5) WOW
Whip Feel 1 hr (4) flails around a bit more
Slack Feel Break-In (4) sick, weirdly light and heavy at the same time and it’s not my taste. hard to describe
Slack Feel 1 hr (4) gets the job done :muscle:
Tension Hold over 1 hour overall (4) way better than i expected
Softness during break-in (3.5) gud
Overall consistency over 1 hour (3.5) gud
Total: 40 x 2 = 80, 80 = B- graded based on letter system (A: 100-90, B: 89-80, C: 79-70, D: 69-60, F: 60<)

If you all ever need any clarifying info for your own use (on any review at all), feel free to ask and i’ll try to answer to the best of my ability. I am very sleepy since black friday messed up my sleep schedule, plus I need to write scholarship essays. no fun. that’s it!


Mid-week review! Thought I’d prioritize this, since maybe Zipline can see it and I can give feedback on this string that came with my Alphaline pack. If you all have recently gotten any Zipline string, this is probably it.

Zipline Prototype || B- (81/100)

It’s soft! And thick! It feels really good moving through the air, plus the whips are fine enough. It doesn’t feel solid, but it has the thickness feel of Kitty Fat if i’m remembering correctly. Right off the bat, this is what Slackies wants to be. This is a better slackies. It looks like a nylon blend, and it can’t be more than 50%. It has some of that whippiness of nylon, but it manages to stay controlled with it. The same is with the slacks, where the slacking capability isn’t as wiggly. The durability kind of surprised me, since it looked normally frayed an inch above the yoyo, which i don’t expect of nylon or even nylon blends. The stretchiness also was a little gone, but it still did the job insanely well. The thickness was also pretty good. Some throws took a bit of string to bind but it always came back solid, which some people are a fan of. Tension hold is also just a bit above an average bulk poly string, like string that was made by people that don’t specialize in it. It was an overall good string, so it gets an overall good rating! Stats below

Durability 30 min (3) surprisingly frayed
Durability 1 hr (4)
Personal Thickness Feel (4) feels full
Whip Feel Break-In (4.5) WHOA
Whip Feel 1 hr (4) whippy!! just a smidge of a weird speed though
Slack Feel Break-In (5) WHOOOA
Slack Feel 1 hr (4.5) GOOD
Tension Hold over 1 hour overall (3.5) good enough
Softness during break-in (4.5) yeah!
Overall consistency over 1 hour (3.5) weird binds, good enough :slight_smile:
Total: 40.5 x 2 = 81, 81 = B- graded based on letter system (A: 100-90, B: 89-80, C: 79-70, D: 69-60, F: 60<)

I hope they release this, depending on the price I’d definitely pick some up. I 100% recommend giving this a shot. That’s it, have a good one :3

(Edit, i’m not going to rank this since it’s not really a full release. Also, check out the main thread! There’s now a link to every single review so far so you don’t have to go searching. Hope you all like it :))


I love your reviews so much Cake! I look forward to them every week :blush:

I share your amazement level with the Executive Class Lite too, that stuff is crazy. Lasts sooo long and still plays good even when it’s “dead”.


thanks for the love! i just started using my exec lite again and it’s still amazing, i really wanna try the white version

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I got to get caught up on these.

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hehe that’s what the main thread update was for, open that list and you’ll get a link to every single one so far :saluting_face:

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it’s time!

Original Throw (Fat) || B- (81/100)
Original Throw String

Just like any other bulk poly string, there’s bound to be differences in quality control, so take this review with a grain of salt. That being said, this is good. Don’t bind at high or medium rpms or you’re going to get kicked, though. It started to feel more snaggy and weighted near the end of the hour, and to be honest, it got gross faster than I expected. i’m pretty clean, so maybe it was my natural hand moisture? Whips were GREAT, and just aged with time. Slacks stayed solid too, but played a bit too light on occasion (this is very miniscule and very vague). it was also super consistent for me :)). the thing that ruins it for me is the tension holding. it was great in the beginning, but over time it started fading and it kinda felt like like one of your favorite actors getting arrested for abuse or something. so much potential, and probably my favorite poly string if the tension holding was better. i hope it was a bad batch, because if it was, this would be amazing. i’m excited to try the non-fat version, stats below.

Durability 30 min (4) huh!
Durability 1 hr (3.5)
Personal Thickness Feel (4) too thick but i get the appeal
Whip Feel Break-In (5)
Whip Feel 1 hr (4) a bit weirder idk
Slack Feel Break-In (4.5) works! good
Slack Feel 1 hr (4) solid
Tension Hold over 1 hour overall (3) not the best, especially near the end
Softness during break-in (4) yeah!
Overall consistency over 1 hour (4.5)
Total: 40.5 x 2 = 81, 81 = B- graded based on letter system (A: 100-90, B: 89-80, C: 79-70, D: 69-60, F: 60<)

yoyofriends mystery box came in and i’m trying to take my mind off the fact i got a gold paragraph, if any of you all wanna do charity work dm me :handshake: have a good one :))


this line had me dying :sob: (my sense of humor is insanely broken)


Top notch as always, I’m excited to hear your review of the non-fat version!

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