Cafe Racer Troubles

Hello people,

So I’ve been throwing a OD cafe racer for about the last month or so.

For the first week and a half to two weeks it was fantastic, smooth, unresponsive, the works.

About two weeks ago it started getting really loud, and I figured the bearing was running dry, so I put some thin lube in and it was a lot quieter. But after I did so, the yoyo started becoming a lot more responsive, and continued to become more responsive for about a week.

I broke down and deshielded and cleaned the bearing, figuring I might have put too much lube in it. NOPE, still quite responsive.

I’ve also tried different string material and even a different bearing and I still can’t figure out why it’s being responsive. I’m concerned because it’s dangerous, I feel afraid that I might break my fingers or something.

Any suggestions?

If its not the bearing then it probably has something to do with the response. There could be a hole or rip or some type of imperfection in the silicone. Unless both of the bearing were bad i cant think of anything else. :slight_smile:

i think this happened to me a month ago too. i think some of the thin lube got on the inside/response system of my yoyo. so i just cleaned my yoyo out really good with some paper towel. and it got better. still took a couple of days till it got back to normal.