I got a cafe racer, played with it, cleaned all my bearings and no matter what i do it comes back to my hand when I yank it. Should I use some V4M lube?

Make sure the string is not stuck under the bearing, it is not over lubed, the response is okay, but most likely it just needs broken in, or else it is onw of the other reasons, that are obvious to figure out so you should be able to solve the problem.

DON’T LUBE IT! lubing yoyos only makes them more responsive. Is there something in the bearing seat of the yoyo? hair or dirt or maybe some grimy stuff? this would definitely cause more response in your bearing. Clean out your bearing seat with a toothpick, clean your bearing again, then try out your throw, if that doesn’t help you may have a defective yoyo and need to contact OD about and get some assistance from them.

EDIT: like dingo said you may just need to break in your bearing

Play it for a while. Bearings, responses, and even string needs to break in. Check the bearing seat to make certain it is absolutely clean and the there are no irregularities in the response. Hopefully it’s just a break in period that’s needed. Most yoyos used to come responsive. If you play it for a while and it doesn’t get better try one drop of lube before you do anything. Remember the lube will make it a bit more responsive initially but then will break in. Sometimes bearings come with junk in them and in my opinion are stored a little to long dry.

Thanks a ton guys… Oddly enough the silicon pads were slightly misplaced and needed to be reset. It works great now though.

Irregularities in the response! Yep it happens. I’m glad it was so simple.