Cafe Racer -Question about response


Hello, I’ve recently purchased a Cafe Racer from One Drop. I thought this yo yo was going to be unresponsive, but it seems the opposite is the case. I’m able to throw it down and tug it right back to my hand with ease. That being said, I’m still able to do tricks that I normally do on my unresponsive throws. So I’m wondering, is it possible for any responsive yo yo to do the advanced tricks or is the Cafe Racer suppose to be a semi responsive throw or something? I know it uses their standard flow groove response, but I’m not familiar with it. Is there anything I could do to make my Cafe Racer less responsive? Do you think silicone might make it less responsive? Or better yet, does anybody know if it will fit a slim 19mm pad?

*I have a normal sized string on it at the moment. It seemed to be a little less responsive with a slimmer string but I can’t get quite as good of a catch this way.


I’ve owned a cafe racer and it was unresponsive. I would guess it’s a bearing issue.

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First and foremost, spin the bearing to see if it spins slow or chunky. If it seems so spin for a reasonable amount of time, unobstructed, then check to see if there is anything sticking out in the response area.

EDIT: OneDrop yoyos only fit Flow Groove pads and silicone. K-pads and most other 19mm pads aren’t thick enough, so they sit deeper in the recess and won’t let the string rub up against it enough to return the yoyo.


Cafe racers come with an 8ball bearing instead of the 10ball in other onedrop yoyos. Sometimes they are bad bearings, most of the time they are not.


I ended up taking a bearing out of my Metropolis and putting that in the Cafe Racer, its perfectly unresponsive now. :smiley: I guess I’ll try cleaning the bearing, which seems odd considering I opened it yesterday. Thanks for the help guys! Sad news on the pads, I’ve got a bunch of those slim ones laying around.