Cafe Racer and DV888 or Code 2?


Cafe Racer and dv888 are undersized. I don’t know the specs on the Code 2 off the top of my head, but I think it’s full sized with side effects.

I haven’t played my dv888 that much and I just got my Cafe Racer. I like both. Nobody kill me, but I gotta give a nod to the dv888 for now between that and the Cafe Racer, but that might change with more play.

The Code 2 is a completely different category. This I hear was designed for 5A, with emphasis on 1A and the ability to do horizontal in mind.

Maybe if you’d expand on your posting to make sure you ask your question IN the body as well as the subject. Sorry, I’m just a stickler for good form.

I like undersized and I would actually rather have 2 yoyos then 1 plus if I ever got a scratch on my Code 2 I would freak out ;D
But if you could tell me which you like better the DV888 or the Cafe Racer, I would wear socks with sandals.

Ugh, socks with sandals… bleh…

I can’t pass fair judgement yet. I have had the dv888 much longer and it’s had much more play time. The Cafe Racer arrived a week ago and I haven’t put more than an hour into it as I was supposed tobe exclusively on the Royale last week for testing and evaluation.

The Cafe Racer did feel a bit better to me though. The dv888, mind you, I like it, but it’s nothing amazing. This has been said by me before as well as by others in more or less the same way. It’s a good one to have in the collection.

I have a feeling the Cafe Racer would end up being the better of the two. It doesn’t feel as heavy on the string. The dv888 doesn’t feel like a rock on the string, but it does remind you it’s there, while at the same time doesn’t play heavy.

So, again, I can’t fairly say one or the other yet. You might have to PM me to get an opinion later on. This week I’m mired in backlog of work so I have to deal with that.

I will say this:
If accessibility is the thing, the Cafe Racer and dv888 are almost always readily available. The Code 2 is new, selling like mad(like CLYW’s!), so good luck getting it. I have a Code 2 and Burnside coming and I can’t wait to try those.

I also like variety, so I do like to break it up a lot. I will switch yoyos frequently just to keep myself guessing and force me to stay clean. Things keep changing up. With being exclusive to the Royale last week, I’ve really come to like it a lot. The DM2 is still my goto, but the Royale, well, it’s in the rotation. Another is the Alabtross. I also recently got a ILYY Void and am liking that too, but I think my Chief will see more action. The DiBase is also getting lots of play recently. The dv888 I carry around a lot but I don’t find myself going to it as often. Preferences and likes.

I think you can be extremely happy with a Cafe Racer and dv888.

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In that case maybe I’ll just get a Cafe Racer and save the DV888 for later. BTW I would never wear socks with sandals. I don’t even own any sandals. Sandals. Sooooo uncomfortable. But thanks for the help.