C3yoyodesign Speedaholic vs C3yoyodesign Alpha Crash

Which one would be better for 1a, 3a, and 5a? For 1a and 5aI play slow but am working on playing fast… I don’t really care about diameter, or width, or the shape… I don’t really have specific preferences for 3a cuz I haven’t really explored using different yoyos yet… I might get a pair of one or the other with a few whipple bearings and a sharks honor n12 or get a pair of both instead or the n12 if u can, list the pros and cons of each the speedaholic and the alpha crash…

I would love to know this too.

So. Bump.

Yeah… I don’t know if the speedaholic is good for 3a, and people say the alpha crash is good for 3a, but I haven’t seen any video of alpha crashes being used for 3a, so I don’t really know how it performs for that, I’m mainly just looking which would be better for 3a cuz I know both are good for 5a and 1a…

The alpha crash is a great 3a yoyo. I have used it for that for my limited 3a skills. It also plays really well for medium-fast 1a. I don’t do 5a so I don’t know about that.

Probably the Alpha Crash, Ive heard the speedaholic lacks in spin time

K thanks for the help guys I’ll just get a pair of alpha crashes, 8 whipple bearings, a magic yoyo n12, and a few pads, probably buddha or CBC yellow pads :smiley: