C3 Speedaholic vs C3 Alpha Crash vs MagicYoYo D5 for 3A?

Which one is better for 3A? I don’t really have any preferences for 3A yet… Also, which one is better at horizontal and anything 1A? Mainly looking for which is better for 3A :smiley:

Haven’t have a Speedholic of D5.
but I would go D5s or actually Upgrated Classics.
Classics are seriously beasts.

Chasers would be VERY Ideal.

Just asking, why would u pick D5’s? I wanna hear opinions…

the specs, and shape look like they would suit 3A nicely.
I look for large, V/H yoyos generally

D5 is excellent for 1a if that helps. What I mean is it is good, so if it looks good for 3a it probably will be.

Thanks for the answers guys! Me and my mom bought a pair of D5’s yesterday along with a few buddha whipples (8 of them, that would probably cover me for a long time), and 5 pairs of buddha pads (stocking up on bearings and pads so the next time i purchase i dont need to worry about pads or anything just the yoyo :D) will probably arrive wednesday or thursday Woot!