C3 Progressiver vs. Hcrash?

hello, planning on getting the new progressiver when it comes out but i already have a hydrogen crash! would i be spending $125+ on a super similar yoyo, because they look the same and certainly seem to be focusing on “<64g speed bimetal for every style of play”, thanks for any help :))


They dont play similar at all in my opinion. The hydrogen crash is very fast and zippy playing.

The progressiver to me was a much more dense throw with maybe some more power. It felt heavier than the specified weight whereas the hydrogen crash feels lighter.

I vastly prefer the hydrogen crash as I found it much easier to go fast with it than the progressiver.
YYE does have some great colors for the progressiver for cheaper than other retailers.


While I haven’t tried the Progressiver I think it would be quite different from the Hcrash because of the following:

  1. Diameter and width are both a smidge over 1mm lower on progressiver while being roughly the same mass (in fact progressiver is 0.2 g heavier)
  2. Body profile between Hcrash and Progressiver are different. Progressiver resembles the Krown a bit in shape whereas the Hcrash is… hcrash shaped.

Again, I don’t know exactly how Progressiver plays but i certainly know Hcrash! They should be different

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