New colors of the C3YoYoDesign Hydrogen Crash!


The new C3yoyodesign Hydrogen Crash is the latest in their ever growing CRASH Series that features a wide array of models.

Hydrogen Crash features a wide H-shape profile with bi-metal construction. The broad Stainless Steel rims extend to increase the width of the yoyo and give it plenty of power and stability in play. While it’s wider and more rim weighted than previous Crash models, The Hydrogen Crash is also lighter weight! This gives it a fast agile feel in play that makes those long practice sessions feel effortless.

Dark-Blue-Black-Rims-Hydrogen-Crash Dark-Blue-Black-Rims-Hydrogen-Crash-2 Dark-Blue-Black-Rims-Hydrogen-Crash-3

As the C3 Crash series moves forward it’s great to see the models evolving to meet the needs of competitive and casual throwers alike - The Hydrogen Crash is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a competitive bi-metal design!