C3 Krown question

I gad to tighten my C3 Krown pretty hard to get it very smooth. The yoyo was quite tight when I first opened It. Is It a problem to tighten It hard? I normally wouldn’t but it seemed to need it to be smooth.

as long as you aren’t damaging the threads I guess.

Krown is no different from any other yoyo in how hard you tighten it. It’s 7075 aluminum which is a bit stronger than many yoyos made from 6061, but it’s still softer than the steel axle. Tighten nice and firm, but don’t go crazy.

Also, it doesn’t need to be dead smooth. My Krown was once dead smooth, and the axle changing position or whatever… it’s not dead smooth anymore. I don’t care. It’s still “quite good” and the bit of vibe it now has doesn’t interfere with grinds or anything.

I wouldn’t obsess over smoothness. It’s a losing battle. The only way to win is to stop caring.

I got the same problem with my Krown. Like Greg said, just accept the vibe. Changing the bearing might help though.

I had a similar experience with my brother’s Prism. I switched the bearing to a KK, but when I tried to screw it back in, it was too tight. So gradually he managed to screw it back in over time until it was smooth again.

Best advice is what GregP said:


I’ve managed to get rid of the vibe. Flipped the axle and bearing; it has virtually no vibe now. Still needed a lot of tightening though. It seems the higher the precision yoyo, the more delicate the balance of keeping it vibe free is.

I beg to differ, since I won by caring more than most people.

How did you win? Not all yoyos can be tuned to smoothness. You may win some battles here and there, but then you lose the war.

And then you miss out on #deals because you’re worried about the smoothness level of the yoyo. Then if a yoyo goes un-smooth you feel annoyance.

I don’t see how it’s a war that can be won. When you obsess over smoothness you also lose the battle of being “that guy”. Tsk tsk. :wink:

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I’m talking about what you said, “The only way to win is to stop caring.”, that is not the only way to win, since tuning is one of the “other” way to win. I agree with the rest though.

And, actually I’m not really annoyed if my yoyo is not smooth… it really depends on which yoyo, some does some doesn’t.

As per my post, tuning is never perfect or permanent, so my contention is that you’re NOT in fact “winning” by tuning. :wink: You can of course disagree, but you’d be wrong. (joking…)

So you win! By not caring in many cases. :wink: And those times that you DO care… well, you’ve lost.