is the black c13 anodized?

Anybody have any reviews on this yoyo?

WHat are some pros and cons on this yoyo?

no one

pros:great throw is smooth on the string

cons: weight distribution makes it feel a little light

as for the anodization i dont know

oh and i know this is unrelated and sorry if its “bad” but if you have any ideas on this post could you please share them http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,8928.0.html

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I have tried one, and it was a bit angular for me. You have to really adjust to the shape. It is not so forgiving on a bad throw. The grinds are okay… they are “bouncy.” Just adjust to the shape, and it’s a pretty good throw.

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ok im tired of hearing this. what exactly happens on a bad throw?