I have a few questions about the C13…

How hard is it to get used to the shape?
How does it stack up to a Catch 22?
Whats the risk of putting stacks on it? Like how high is the chance of getting vibe?

I’ve been looking at it… And I’ve seen alot of Catch22 videos and they make me want to play a Catch22, and I think the C13 is as close as Im going to get… It looks like it would be a great throw… Im just not sure… Thanks in advance to any one who can answer my questions.

It isn’t that hard. I adjusted to it within my first 5 throws of it.

When you compare it to the C22, the C22 is still better. But if you want something reminiscent to the C22, and similar to it in size, shape, etc, it works well. It won’t completely replace it for you though.

I wouldn’t say the risk is high, but I would think it is definite to get a vibe. I would trust YYF.

Also, one period is good to end a sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

It didn’t take me long to get used to the shape. A matter of minutes.

Stacks just didn’t work. Pretty bad wobble (gee, like they said) so you could try it but I wouldn’t get another stack set for it.