I know this is like...everywhere...but c13 or boss?

I’ve heard great things about both yoyos and I know this is everywhere on the forum, but everyone has different preferences, you know?
ok so…
I have a New Breed and it’s great. I want to get an all metal yoyo. I don’t want to get anything big. New Breed and smaller is good (i’m pretty sure they both are smaller…)
The weight distribution and gap size on the new breed are nice, but a lighter yoyo would be good too.
With the rounded/angled thing, at this point I really dont have that much of a preference.
Oh, and I would like to know which one has a better feel for grinding.

Here’s my review of the Catch 13.

Hope it’ll help.

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BOSS. Yeah, I said it.

Get a BOSS. The shape on the C13 is really awkward, and you might not like it/it might not feel comfortable. The BOSS has a very comfortable shape, in my opinion, and is a very solid player.

How’s the gap size compared to the New Breed?
Because the New Breed has a big gap.

Thank you for the review. I looked at some other reviews around, and your opinions of course. And I think I’m going to go with the boss.
c13 will be next, definitely :wink:

Cool, you will love the BOSS, it’s an amazing yo-yo.