c13 OR genesis?

which has better stability and weight distribution?

AND which one is a preferred yoyo for grinding in terms of the “feel”

Well the C13 is based off of the Catch 22… Which had insane rim weight but from what I heard unless you have great throws, the C13 is very unstable… So its up to you… The Genesis should be veyr stable and has sweet rims… It looks alot like the GM 2

Well… Do you like big or small yo-yo’s?

I haven’t tried a Genesis, but I have tried a C13 and I didn’t really like it. As Mitch said, the c13 is very unstable unless you have an amazing throw. I have heard many great things about the Genesis, btw.

i like undersized yoyos nothing bigger than the DM though…
but superstar size is exceptional :]

Superstar is a large sized yoyo. In that case, I say Genesis. Catch13 is an undersized yoyo.

Yeah, if you like the superstar I’d go Genesis, its full sized and and H-Shaped…

But if your feeling risky then go C13… Whole new experience…

I’d take the Genesis

mkayy then, what if we pit the genesis against the BOSS?

i love the 888. thats all i can say
whos more beast at arm grinds and smoothness, AND also has and IS more stable/stability?

The BOSS is an amazing yo-yo, the best one I’ve ever tried. Like I said, I haven’t tried a Genesis, but the BOSS is undersized, 888 shaped with raised rims… so… I think if you bought that, you’d love it. It’s great for grinding too… it’s beadblasted (correct me if I’m wrong please.)

If you take the 888, strip it of its hubstacks and posts and beef up the rims you gotta boss… They cut out the center weight and gave it an H…


cant wait to trythem out at nationals :]

And the BOSS costs less than an 888 too, and feels, and plays better in my opinion.

Oooh… I’ll see you there then. The YYF booth is my favorite, lol.

Really, no. The BOSS plays nothing like an 888.

I really dislike the Genesis for 1a, so here are my choices:
1st, BOSS.
2nd, C13.
3rd, Genesis.

I would say

  1. Genesis
  2. BOSS
  3. C13

C13’s shape it too weird for me.

I have a C13 and when u land it on the string it just spins out on me dont get a C13 IMO I would go for the Genesis.

That has nothing to do with the yoyo.

C13 is to little for me it has the shape of a frantic an angular shape if you like that shape than get one but IMO i would go with the genesis and geniesis is made for 1a so if you like that style go for the genesis

the genesis is made for a 5a player (miggy) but its basically a GM2 without stacks. the c13 is very unforgiving, if your throw is even a little off its going to tilt but it will improve your throw in the long run. the genesis is VERY stable, full size, and on the heavier end of the scale. if it were me i would get the genesis