which yoyo better?

which yoyo is better, or which should I get? the BOSS, the SEVERE, the G5, or the c-13? really stumped. ???

None of them is better. No offense, but since you have to ask, the Catch13 probably won’t be very good for you. You have to have a really good throw.

Out of those, which do you want more? Boss is undersized, G5 large and H-shape, and Severe is large and not-as-distinct an H.

I have heard great things about both the BOSS and the SEVERE. And the G5 is a classic. It really comes down to which size and shape you like the best.

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I think if choosing is this hard for you, you should put off getting a metal until you really know your preferences :-\

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no offence taken, Brian :wink:

based on budget, and some of the comments, i think i will get the c-13. :-\

Ok, but please don’t double post.

Hope you’re happy with it.

it is totally preference. i have a c13 and love it. your throw has to be on, or you will have troubles. the rim weight makes it spin well and gives it good balence. like i said, it is totally preference .

I haven’t tried the SEVERE, but out of The BOSS, C13, and G5, I say tie between BOSS and G5. That’s IMO.