I just learnt buddahs revenge, I would say it takes only slightly longer to land this difficulty of trick but a lot longer to master it, I.e be able to do it fast and smooth consistently…


When you start getting into tricks like ladder escape and very hard tricks past that then they will take a lot more time. For me it took 3 hours to get ladder escape. But when you start learning tricks at a high level then it will take longer. Let alone when you start making tricks and you will. My latest trick tool about 2 days to make all the way through. It all comes down to how far you want to go if you want to go into high ended contest and do well then your going to want to learn harder tricks and it will take longer. Learning rock the baby compared to Janos karancs trick is going to take a lot less time but a Janos trick will take a lot longer.


Sorry about the rant


I am pretty new too! Based on this website’s tutorials, I have leaned and mastered basic and intermediate level stuff. Well, I couldn’t do UFO’s even if my life is on the line for it. However, I took a different route and learned and got used to landing all of the different mounts and positions (Trapeze, front mount, split bottom, kamikaze, wrist, etc). This made learning and landing advanced level tricks easier the first time around. I’ve tried my hand at Buddha’s revenge, Matrix, and Cold Fusion. It didn’t take me more than 15 mins to land and learn them but I’ve been at it with Cold Fusion to get it smooth and nice. I guess, I’ve spend upwards of three hours now. That dismount is hard to get properly done. I suspect it’d be similar to more difficult tricks.

either way, Good Luck and have fun.


unfamiliar movements or positions still demand a lot of practice, no matter how long you’ve been throwing

tricks with no “new” elements are learned more easily though

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The longer you’ve been throwing, however, the fewer unfamiliar movements there will be.