c clip

when i lost my c clip on kk bearing became responsive and i don t know why

You really don’t need it. You can play it deshielded. Were you putting lube on it? If you were putting thin lube on it, it will be responsive for awhile, just break it in by lots of play time. It has nothing to do with the C-Clip. :wink:

i use all my bearings deshielded wen the shield gets dented it slows the bearing

Are you saying you lost your clip, then your bearing became responsive?

well thats not possible really…

It is if it fell into the bearing.
Thats why I asked.

i lost it and one side is sheilded and o ne side is not

srry bad spelling

Please don’t double post. If you did spell something wrong, and want to fix it, there is a modify button up by the “Quote” and “Remove” button. :wink:

Did you take off the other shield to make sure it didn’t fall in and get trapped behind the other shield?
I’m still not sure if your asking about the bearing being responsive or the shield being off

off and i think i fixed the problem thnks guys