i lost a c clip for a kk bearing and im afraid if i throw it something will go wrong.
is it ok to throw without the c clips??
if u have any for a ceramic kk c bearing can i buy it or have 1??

Are just the C-Clips out and not the Shields or both> If itsa just the C-Clips then take off the Shields be cause the could possibly jam the bearing since there is nothing holding it in place. But, if its both then its fine and you can play it like normal.

I’ve thrown my first center track bearing shieldless, no c-clip or shield, and its fine as long as you dont drop the bearing itself into grass,sand or anything. the yoyo should be so tight on the bearing that nothing can get into it unless you have it unscrewed

What they said. Just take the shields off and play with it. It’ll work fine.