Bearings Sold Without Sheilds

I know it’s super lazy, but I dislike taking the shields off of bearings. I try needles, safety pins, exaxto knives, and etc…,but I always have trouble taking off shields.

Videos I’ve watched, the just come off for other people really easily. Lol

Which bearings are sold without the shields?

Use an exacto knife to pry the shield off. It destroys the shield but you won’t have to bother with annoying c clips.

i believe that the yoyorecreation ds bearings dont have shields.

Spec x.

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C Clips have an angled cut on both sides.
On angles out and one angles in.
You might be trying to get under the side that has the angle going in the wrong direction.
If that is the case there will be very little for the pin or whatever to grab.

Try prying on the other end of the C-Clip.

I realize this doesn’t answer your question, but: I find that an actual sewing needle (not a pin) does a good job because the tip is sharpened much more than a typical pin. However, they dull quickly.

CTX also.

CTX has no Shields?
The ones that come in throws already assembled do and the ones that are sold individually don’t?

Center Trac (original 8-ball) are shielded. I’ve never had a CTX with shields.

Oh I see. Ok, thanks!

Usually 10balls are sold without shields, from what I’ve seen


One Drop 10balls have shields, at least the ones we have in stock currently.

Gold CT, Center Trac X, Pixel, and DS bearings are shieldless:

the gold. magic yoyo bearings are shieldless thetas what I put in my orbital and I love it