C-13 vs. Classic 888

Okay, so I just got my kentaro in a couple of weeks ago (I love love love superstars, now that I’ve tried them). I am thinking about getting another yoyo because I want to keep my kentaro in good shape. I have boiled it down to two choices: the c-13 and the new '07 inspired 888. I have only been yoyoing for about two months but I yoyo ALL THE TIME. I have to put medical tape around my throwhand finger because I was getting really bad calluses (spelling?). I want another yoyo that I won’t be able to put down. I am leaning towards the C-13 for a couple of reasons: I love the shape, its similar to the superstar. The 888 isn’t as extreme of a butterfly (what exactly do you call the sharp butterflies like the superstar and c 13?), but do you think its harder hitting strings with the 888? I also like kind of bigger, heavier yoyos. The 888 isn’t huge, but its not really too light so I am pretty sure I would like it. And there is, of course, the 50 dollar difference. So anyways, I think I want the 888 more. If anyone has played with both of these yoyos, I would love to hear what you think. Thanks.

Hhmm, this is a tough one.

You’d call the SuperStar an H-Shape yoyo. If you like bigger yoyos, the 888 is very small, so it won’t fit for you. Try the Catch13, but it isn’t truly an H-Shape, more of an angular shape.

I honestly think none of those two yoyos fit you too well. I reccomend the Peak. Fool’s Gold Peaks are a bit cheaper if that is a problem, but I doubt, since you have your mind set on a yoyo that is more expensive.

You can get peaks here:



Hurry up, they sell pretty fast.

Hope this helps!

if someone could post a picture of an 888 next to another yoyo I would really appreciate it. I am familiar with the size of the legacy, dark magic, supestar, and grind machine, so if you have one of those to put it next to it would help. Remember, if you do this for me you will need both yoyo’s in the same picture. The reason I am asking is for size relation; if you put two different pictures of two different yoyos it won’t really help much. Thanks in advance, for anyone who can take the time to do this for me.



(Click images for larger image.)

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Honestly i am a fan of the heavier larger yoyos but so when i saw that actual size of the classic 888 i was kind of uncomfortable about it. but after the first throw it might as well have been a normal sized. i think either way you go you wont go wrong but i havent tried a c13 so cant honestly compare but figured would give my 2 cents.

Yeah, im just like you. I like a larger, heavy yoyo but I think as soon as I throw one of those eight eight eights that I’ll like it.