By the way.... I don’t normally do this, but ILLY—>

Sent me an email about an upcoming release of their second batch 13 years after the original release of the Noctu.

A very, very nice playing yoyo that can and will cause Profuse bleeding when you make a mistake and it hits you just about anywhere you don’t want a yo-yo to hit you.

So, basically nothing against the yoyo(especially my hands or head). But I just wanted to remind all of you that the American Red Cross has a really depleted supply of blood plasma because of this Pandemic.

So I ask anybody that might be willing and able; to go give blood at designated Blood Bank locations.

And just don’t waste it on the ground while throwing around a Ninja grade weapon.

Thank you…

PS… The Noctu is an amazingly nice playing yoyo. Just make sure somebody around you is trained to help you if necessary.


Are they going to sold right here on yoyoexpert?

If they have any leftover they will often sell them on YYE. I think this batch is 31 yoyos, I doubt there will be extras. Check ILYY’s website for details.

And what @yoyodoc says is true. The noctu is legendary for good reason. It also has a taste for blood.

I read their website but didn’t see details for sale. I’ll check it out more closely again. Thank you for the knowledge! :slight_smile:

They usually give people on their mail list first shot. Get on the list via their website, you could also contact @crackout.