First Blood Brother Review

This is my review of the first blood brother.

I recently got this throw, and after a couple days of throwing it here is what I have to say. I love it! I find it to be a light and floaty throw, around the size of my protostar, and has awesome finish options. I got the green grind finish, and I would post pics, but Flickr isnt working for me right now. It comes with good response pads, but the bearing it comes with comes, unfortuanately, lubed, so unless you have spares laying around like I do you won’t get to throw this amazing yoyo right away. It did not come with any string, which I dont mind because I throw that away anyways, but it is something to point out.

Overall, long story short, this is an awesome yoyo for the price ($65), plays super smooth and floaty, very stable, and I would definately reccomend you buy one. And you can say you have a 1 of 1 yoyo because there are 144 options and only 144 made, so each one is 1 of 1!

Nice review. I just got the blue grind finish with the pose where he’s standing with both hands in his pockets. Curious which one you ended up with?

I got that same pose too!! And thanks, it’s my first of what will eventually be many haha. Flickr still isn’t working out for me, my computer keeps saying it is unsafe.

Got pics!, I cant figure out how to get thumbnails though

I just copied and pasted the part of the link from “http: to …N07” so I was able to see…looks like the green one with the same pose I’ve got…cool. We’re both happy with it, and it’s a reasonable price for a good yoyo too. I saw the string pics in your album too…they look good too. Again…good review, concise and still gives people a good idea.

Yeah, you are definately right about that, and thanks, and thanks again