buzz-on button

Have any of you ever used a buzz-on spr as a button? I am at the moment.

I’ve never owned or even touched a yo-yo with an SPR. Buzzon came after my previous life and before my current life :frowning:

It’s a little heavy but it works till I find something I like better. If you want one I can send you one. spr that is.

Aw sweet! Thanks but I keep hearing people saying they wish they could get more, so I don’t want to take one out of circulation just to look at for a few minutes ;D

I can’t stand heavy buttons, especially for fixed tip play. It pulls the string through your fingers if you move your hand around at all. For bearing play tho, there’s always potential for some spin top counterweight action.

I have an odd one due to a mod mess up. It’s fine. PM me your addy and I’ll send it to you.

What is it and do you have pictures?

Google buzzon spr.

sorry for a bit off topic, but is with SPR can you convert a C size to an A size?