Buzz-on HELP?

could you guy/gals let me know how the menehune or element x or bushido play?


I have several of all of the ones you mentioned. The Buzz-On yo-yos were known for having a vibe which could be strong enough to be a wobble BUT when tuned properly they played well and were actually fun. The design of the Buzz-On line was simple but offered a solid yoyo with a good heft to it while not feeling like a rock at the end of the string. The shape and feel resemble that of the Duncan FHZ which many find to be comfortable and great for 1A play. Sleep times are pretty good once the yoyo is tuned well and one of the benefits from the design was the SPR system which could incorporate bearings of different sizes. For instance my Element X takes a size A bearing but I can switch out the SPR system and pop in a C size bearing. Very modifiable yo-yos and IMO its sad that they are no longer made.

So all in all with the right care and tuning you have a fun yoyo in a Buzz-On.