Buzzon SPR kit wobble on FHZ

Hey all, I just got a SPR kit and a FHZ. I’ve look around on what to do to “install” them but nothing came up, when I put the large bearing SPRs in it can wobble around in the seat. How do I fix this?

the buzzon spr kit is not meant to be installed in a fhz. You will have to mod it in order for it to work

^ like he said, and some extra imho stuff.
Don’t see WHY you would put them on. It’s a fine yo-yo on it’s own. You would need the modder like Sparhawk said, and said modder just “shave” off some of the FHZ, and it’s really not worth it to the modder I’d think.

Wouldn’t using a C bearing instead of an A bearing be worth it?

And I have the lip shaved off from another project, but the looseness/wobble is from the SPR being narrower then the spacer seat.

C bearing is preference but like Spar said, it requires different modding than just shaving the lip. The inner area is also different. SPR was meant to be used in Buzzon’s, which were modded Tiger Sharks at first. And the FHZ itself just needs a clean A bearing and wider pads (inner area wise, like Dif pads .555) and it plays BEAST.

But yeah, IF you absolutely need a C bearing, SPRs are not the way to go. I hope this helped some way.

You would have to make a recess for the SPR. There’s also large bearing spacers that Frank from difeyo made for the fhz

Hmm, any idea where I can get them? I looked around and couldn’t find any for sale.

I don’t think he makes them anymore. They’re no longer listed on his website -

I guess I’m off to the BST!

Good luck man.