axle inserts

Ok, I’ve been looking for this for awhile and have not found it. I am trying to find an axle insert that I can use for a C sized yoyo and the axle for it too. If you can post a link to it or something that would be great.

Do you mean threaded inserts like one would use in something with stripped threads?

What’s a “C sized yoyo”?

I meant a c sized bearing
I mean like where can you buy the thing that the axle goes which is the axle insert. I wanted to know this so that if I wanted to change. The bearing size I wouldn’t have to destroy a good yoyo to get the axle inserts so that I could just buy the axle inserts

I’ve never heard of such a thing.

You can’t easily change the bearing size of a yoyo. The bearing seat is machine for a specific type of bearing. I really don’t understand what you are asking about.

SPRs, perhaps?

I think he’s making a yoyo, maybe out of plastic, wood or some other material I think what he wants is that round metal insert that many yoyos use for the axle to go into.

Kind of think like the solid spin axle on many of the YYJ metal/plastics.

i know its that thing used in the y factor but sorry thats all i know

That is exactly what I mean, sorry about the confusion. If anyone does know please post a link, if no one does, it really doesn’t matter.

Something like this?

Exactly, one more questions though. Are sprs threaded? Like can u put an axle in it like you would an axle insert

OK, I still don’t understand how you intend to use those.

Do you mean like the helicoil in the spn dynamics smooth move?
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Or maybe side effects?
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I was planning on taking a fhz and making it take a c bearing that is what I wanted to do, but didn’t know how to do the axle. And like I said I was wondering where you could find axle inserts to do that or if you could do that just with a spr

How are you going to make the bearing seat? And why do you need a threaded axle insert, since the FHZ has a through axle with a nut.

If you want to do the SPR thing, you just need to cut the FHZ for the SPR kit to fit it. I make that sound easier than it really is. I don’t think it’s quite so that easy, but that’s the bulk of it.

The existing axle will work fine as-is, no need to change anything there.

I have 2 yoyos that use SPR systems. I’d like to get a Buzzon SPR kit to convert what I have to being able to take an A-sized bearing but I think they are sold out.

I really don’t need it I just want it a tiny bit more stable. Now do the sprs have threads in them so I could insert an axle into it or do I need both the spr and the insert. Thank you for all your help guys by the way. This will really help me

SPRs are not threaded. It’s a through hole.

Oh, and BTW, a larger bearing won’t do anything to improve stability.

Thank you this really helps. Thanks everyone. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

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