would a spr kit fit in a freehand zero


question is in the title ;D


Please tell me what kind of spr? Is it a Buzz-on style or a BC style?


buzz on style


It will fit only with modding. I’ve got a few Extremespin FHZ’s with Buzz-on spr’s in them.

(ed) #5

they “fit”, but the fhz’s sticker lip gets in the way, and there’s a little gap with the wall. it makes the overall gap HUGE and is prone to wobbling. like ik said, you really want to either shave down the sticker lip, or better yet, recess the whole spr into the halves. then it’s butter.


Well Hello Ed. Yeah the spr’s will fit stsock. The reason I said no is because they are sloppy and will cause the vibe that Ed mentioned. Recessing them into the half (if done right) will perfectly center the spr and no vibey!