Buying a 3$ Duncan butterfly yoyo be worth it for starting out?

I’m just starting out and would like to know what you guys would suggest to buy first? What was the first yoyo you bought and started with?

I started with a butterfly, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend the YoyoFactory One or Yoyojam Classic. they’re great, and can be upgraded for more advanced tricks once you’re ready for that.


It depends on your goals. It’s only $3 and if you can grab one at your local drugstore or whatever, why not? It’ll get you into throwing good sleepers, breakaway, and Man on the Flying Trapeze (with flyaway dismount). That was enough to keep me going for a month! :wink:

But if you want to do the fancy string tricks, that yoyo won’t get you there. It’ll lay some groundwork but then you’ll want something like the YoyoJam Classic mentioned by FinalFantasy9001. You can buy an “upgrade kit” for it, too, and once upgraded it’ll do pretty much whatever tricks you want to do.