What to look for in a begginner yoyo ?


So we have all been there right ?

Just starting out with yoyoing and utterly clueless about choosing our first yoyo.
Its only after you have been in the game for a while that you begin to understand what
yoyo could have helped you as a beginner.

So this is just my opinion on what makes a good beginner yoyo.

What was your first yoyo ? Would you still get it again if you had the chance ?


My first throw was the Classic, and I’d get one again in a heartbeat. Still occasionally throw it also, but right now it’s on loan to my cousin to hopefully get him into it!


AMAZING SPIN TIME LOL. Not really look for good price and something that can grow with you I recommend a dm2


First was a duncan butterfly, first ‘real’ yoyo was a speed dial. Wish the classic was around back then :frowning:


what is a ‘real’ yoyo?
is the duncan butterfly not a real yoyo?
I do believe on performance yoyo though.

what to look on beginner yoyo? fun factor!


I just picked up the game almost a month ago. I went to my local Toys R’ Us and bought a 20 dollar Yomega that I thought looked cool. I learned the basic sleeper with it. I realized it’s masking my suckiness because none of my throws were straight. I went a bought a Brain and I also got a Raider because it was very cheap.

If I were to start over, I’ll get a Brain and a Raider. Once I’m good with sleepers, breakaways, and forward passes, I’ll move to the Raider. I’ll also get a finger wrap, a pair of cotton gloves, lube, and a set of soft, thin strings. (I ripped the Brain’s strings FAST.)