A beginners advice for buying a yoyo

Well here I sit finding myself writing advice on yoyos(I am a beginner in every sense of the word). Well the only advice I can give is on buying a yoyo. I was one day cleaning out my attic and low and behold I find this shoe box that contain some stuff I had as a kid and old Duncan Imperial and Butterfly(vintage 1970s). Well out of curiosity I put the Butterfly on my finger and threw it, did it a couple of times then string broke lol. So I started looking on the internet for yoyos and saw some videos of people throwing them and wow how have things changed I don’t remember doing that when I played all the time so I decided to buy a new yoyo so I can do those tricks. I went to the local toys R us and bought a Duncan dragonfly and a speed beetle. I had some fun with those for awhile then decide I wanted to get something better so I did some shopping and bought a YYJ Legacy when I got it and threw it for the first time it didn’t come back so I came back to this web site and found out I had to learn how to do a bind return ( Thanks Apetrunk and Awsomeness). Well I was extremely frustrated with what I bought because it was so unresponsive and it was a yoyo that was meant for someone beyond my skill level. So I came back to this website and did some research and I did send a mail to yoyoexpert and bought a YYJ Lyn Fury well I got that and that was exactly the type of yoyo that fitted my skill level and am extremely happy.
Those of you that are just starting yoyoing take your time do your research and ask alot of questions most people here are more than willing to help you, even though they will bombard you with there preference in yoyos just take your time and don’t buy that yoyo that looks the coolest because it might not be the best for you at the moment. Don’t worry my legacy hasn’t beaten me and it will be sitting there until I am ready for it. I hope this advice helps :wink:

That is good advice. :slight_smile:

right on the money there, there is no need for beginners to go out and buy that $100 + yoyo, when I first started out I only had a $3 yoyo from toys r us I went through 4 of those suckers before I bought my first yoyo with a bearing in it and it was a yomega saber raider.

I actually have respect for you because you realize what’s a begginer yoyo and what’s an advanced yoyo. There have been plenty of times where begginers, who don’t know how to bind, on an impulse buy an 888, Wooly Marmot, Superstar, G5, Punchline, or any kind of high end metal. From my point of view a begginer can’t really use the yoyo to its full potential and some people bash me for thinking that. I respect other peoples opinions, I just hope they respect mine.

When I started, I thought my Duncan Misquito was the throw to have, and the pros would buy like a Metal Zero and do some awesome stuff.

Then I looked at yoyofactory and WHOA!!!

I think I’m better off for it too, there was no need for me to get one, my misquito was doing just fine.

Man, I wish I got this advice when I bought my Dark Magic(I had a Speed Beetle before that). Dead unresponsive on my first throws, couldn’t do anything with it but wind it up. Anyway, I guess everyone learns from their mistakes.


To tell you the truth, I really am not advanced enough for the 888 I have haha. My Buzz-On menehune is getting more play than my 888, my mini-mo-trixx, and my energy combined.

To add to my original post her are some of the beginners yoyos that were recommended to me:
YOYOJAM: Journey,Kickside,Lyn Fury
YOYO Factory: Fast 201,Spinstar,Velocity
Duncan: Dragonfly, Speedbeetle, mosquito
I am sure there are more that can be added to this list and please feel free to add to it.
I do hope that people will learn from my mistakes as we are all tempted to buy that nice shiny new yoyo but it just might not be right for you yet. But with practice it will be right for you and you will enjoy it more. Once again thanks to all that have given me advice.

I started with a duncan imperial from Jo-Anns fabrics, then eventually i got a knot with it when doing a brintwister, then i got a Duncan freehand metal zero and overtightened it (i wish i hadn’t bought such a costly yoyo). Then after months of practice i worked my way up the yoyochain to a 888