Bust a move!

Sweet. I can’t wait to see the move.

Nobody has busted a move in forever! Somebody step up!

I’ve been away for some days and saw that there was no progress
what a bummer :’(

Yeah i though mongrolier(spelling?) was going to bust a move?

I would if I had a camera!!! >:(

i think he started the newb version.

I’m still going to Bust a Move. It’ll be up probably Wednesday afternoon. I have something pretty good and I’ll give a hint on what to do afterwards.

Che-che-check it out…

Move numbah four!!!


Please excuse the poor quality… It takes a while to process…

Bumping this bad boy back up… I also thought of name for the trick… What do you guys think of:
Pandejomonium… In honor of Zach who started this…

cough cough

Umm…don’t know how to even say it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a question about the mount, is it a houdini mount(double or nothing except over thumb, then pointer) and you take the slack and place it behind the strings?

Close… You take the slack and swing it under the yoyo so its around the strings

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thats what I meant to say

has anyone thought of busting a move?


Go for it Res… Bust a move!

I’ve got a move, but I can’t record it right now. Maybe I’ll get it up tomorrow.

no i didnt mean me bust a move, i meant is anyone else thinking of it?

Here it is! Move number 5:

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