Bunch of not-really-noob questions...


I just bought my Spingear Limited edition Speeder, it comes with a double-ring response compared to the usual hybrid response. If i’m not wrong it, unlike the dark magic, cannot be tightened till it’s responsive. Not much of a problem because i’m learning binding.

Anyway here are the questions, sound pretty beginner but i think i need answers if i want to yoyo well.

  1. How do you throw sleepers and breakaways really straight?
  2. will konkave bearings make string tricks a whole lot easier because it shifts the other layers to the center?
  3. how do you do a really good bind? how much string should we turn into the yoyo’s gap? is it normal for a ‘tail’ to form after doing a bind? how do you do the ‘inverse trapeze’ bind that andre sometimes does in his tutorial videos?
  4. any tips to swinging the yoyo around and stuff for good, fast, and easy mounting so as not to waste spin time? tips for aiming for the gap?
  5. is there any way to adjust string tension in an unresponsive yoyo without letting the yoyo down and letting it unwind? i cant seem to do ufo’s on it.



Firstly, grats on getting the speeder  ;D

  1. You just have to practice a lot. A method by someone on the forum, i forgot who, is that you can try standing on tiled floor. Throw, and try to get the gap aligned to the lines. Also, you might wanna use a looping yoyo to practice your throws. Makes the process faster (don’t need binds), and more effective, because loopers have smaller gaps.

  2. No. KK’s are not necessary, i would recommend a 10 ball instead. KK’s are meant to make the yoyo more unresponsive, and take more layers, but string tricks don’t usually take too many layers. (Unless your shinya kido or mark montgomery) My 10 balls can outspin my KK’s.

  3. When you are doing sleeper throws, go into a trapeze and bind from there. When doing breakaways, go into braintwister mount, and bind from there. Braintwister mounts are called “Under Mounts”, and what you called “inverse trapeze”. Try to use as small loop as possible, but not too small. Try to pull it hard into the gap.


  1. You really just have to practice.


haha thanks for the reply, but i’m thinking of taking the ‘mickey approach’, learning simpler tricks but aiming to perform them faster, rather than learn all the really complex tricks. at least it’s how i plan to do it for now. In such a case is a long spin really necessary?

(Mark) #4
  1. String Tension…


Nonononono, doing tricks faster does not mean more string layers. The faster you do the trick, the lousier the bearing you can use. A kk is not necessary at all. If you want a bearing that spins longer than a normal stock yyj bearing, get a 10 ball bearing. Its only like 15 SGD, and you can clean it with water. Very convenient.

But a YYJ bearing is all you need. Everything else is a luxury.

(J. Lev) #6

Mickey does hard tricks. You should too.


o.o a 10-ball can be cleaned with water?

won’t it rust?

but wow the convenience is attractive… does the 10-ball outspin the standard yyj bearing?

(J. Lev) #8



It doesn’t matter.



10 balls are stainless steel. They don’t rust easily.

I cleaned my 10 ball with water like a few weeks ago, and its not rusted. Imo, it works better than mineral spirits. Just a better feeling.

And yes, my ten ball spins 2+ times longer than the yoyojam bearing if you flick it.

(Mark) #10

Even if it is stainless steel, it can rust. There is still iron in it to oxidize.

(JonasK) #11

The guys at One Drop say that you can clean a 10ball in water, a lot of people have done it and there’s no horror stories yet. Yes they might rust, but the chances are incredibly small.

(Mark) #12

As I said, it CAN rust. Doesn’t mean it will but water will make the chances higher. All in all, just dry your yoyo very well.


Right after the wash, just put it on a paintbrush or something, and strike it against the floor or newspaper or something to get it to spin like mad. This will dry it out pretty thoroughly. Don’t be too paranoid about it rusting though, its very unlikely.

(Mitch) #14
  1. Practice, practice, and some more practice… I heard some one say for break aways to stand facing a wall and just throw your break away… After you get good you should be able to stand realy close with out hitting the wall…

  2. I have never used a KK… BUT I play all my YYJ’s stock and they spin pretty long…

3)I prefer a rolling bind… Usualy nice and tight… Theres a tut for it in that Gawrd vid some one posted… as for the tail… You might be using a little too much string when you bind but its no biggy…

4)This another one of those practice practice practice answers…

  1. Some one already posted a vid…

I wish I had a dual o-ring speeder… :frowning: