Bulldog Colors

Does anyone know where to find the Bulldog (chico yoyo company) in any other colors besides that hideous green marble.

Just have to look hard.

Had to edit this because of my forgetfullness

Thats the same design as the one on here.

It is red green

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bit i dont want to spend and extra $50

I know, thats what I said, just go for the one here on yoyoexpert and deal with the color. If that color is that bad to you then get a respected person here on yoyoexper forum to anno it for you. Capt anxiety does wonderfull work, get him to custom anno it for you.

Edit- sorry paint, not anno. My mistake

Slade Riggs, I recommend you remove the link in your post, as wells as the others names of places, that should not be named. It is a forum rule and also not very kind.

Oh I completly forgot about the not posting link things, but I thought naming other stores was ok…also how is it mean?

Its rude to attract attention to other sites.

Im not trying to, I’m just saying that I checked. If anything I said dont go there because they don’t have it, but I see your point and thanks for reminding me.

Those other places weren’t offering a competing service. I don’t see what the problem is.

He didn’t mention “this yoyo store” or “that yoyo store” with a link. Those places and YYE don’t seem to offer ano, stripping, resurfacing, painting or modding services.

capt anxiety paints yoyos, not anno them. I don’t know of anyone who’s currently accepting anno jobs. Only people I know of that did annodizing were Vendetta (who retired from it) and Jason Wong, who isn’t accepting custom work right now.

the guys over at paint my yoyo (brett, capt anxiety, and someone else who’s name alludes me at the moment) do some great work though. They do charge around $100 for custom paint though.